Expand Your Horizons.

You have a ready and willing client.  But you don’t have the product or the carrier to meet the demand.  What’s worse than that?

Not much.

That’s why you should get to know us: GLN Worldwide, Ltd. We are an experienced and reliable wholesale resource for hard-to-place commercial property & liability protection.

Service: A Measurable Difference.

When you need information on Property, Liability or other hard-to-place coverages, you need it fast, thorough and above all accurate.

It’s exactly that level of service that sets GLN Worldwide apart from our competitors. We’re a team of insurance professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience. More importantly, brokers like you represent 100% of our clientele. As a result, helping you better serve your clients isn’t just our job, its our mission.

Specifically, you can count on GLN Worldwide for:

  • state-of-the-art computer technology that helps us develop quotes and track their progress through policy delivery;
  • standard 24-hour turnaround on quotes, with many delivered in just a few hours;
  • the abiltiy to bind what we quote;
  • expedited policy delivery service.

Fast, efficient and accurate insurance. The way it should be. From GLN Worldwide.

A Ready AND Open Market.

At GLN, we are perhaps best known for our resourcefulness in writing and managing hard-to-place risks for you and your clients.

But you’ll find us equally adept with your “mainstream” risks, as well. From the simple to the more complex, we work hard to understand your clients’ special needs and concerns as well as researching our various markets to find exactly the right fit.

After all, we think that’s the kind of service you expect.

Profit From Our Association.

If your carriers are saying “no” more often than you prefer, it’s time you talked to the “yes” people at GLN Worldwide. Affordable commercial coverage is our stock and trade. We provide prompt, professional and knowledgeable service that continues to pay dividends for our clients.

And, as representatives of several highly rated domestic and international insurance companies, there’s virtually no end to our ability to help you better secure your clients’ insurable interests…throughout the U.S. and abroad.

GLN Worldwide. Bottom line, we give you more to sell.